‘Ukrainian Peace Vigil’ protesters show support for the country

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – A ‘Peace Vigil in Ukraine’ took place this evening at the Veterans Memorial Bridge linking Fargo-Moorhead.

“War is not right. War is not the answer. Killing people is not the solution, says Tracey Wilkie, Ukrainian supporter and speaker at the vigil.

“Bombing cities, killing citizens, there is no rational explanation for this,” says Ukrainian Igor Svidrsky.

“We can’t imagine what they go through as parents. Picking it all up in a few hours and evacuating what they’ve built their lives around. Transporting their children across the country to keep them safe while their fathers stay behind and fight. We can’t understand that,” says Ukrainian supporter Christina Lindseth.

“Heroes are called when the system fails. This is what is happening right now. Ukraine is in a state of emergency, so Ukrainians are fighting,” Svidrsky says.

“We live in very dangerous times and war is not the answer. We are one people. We are a tribe. We have to live together in harmony and find ways to put the war aside,” says Wilkie.

“Although we may feel helpless here in North Dakota, probably one of the most remote places in Ukraine in some ways, we are all still connected,” Lindseth says.

“What I heard from Ukrainians here tonight is that they are grateful to have allies on their side against war so that our future generations can live in harmony and have a better world” , said Wilkie.

“People started to see Ukraine. Before, people asked me where I was from and answered Russia. Now people see the difference. It’s not Russia,” Svidrsky says.

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