US to hand over control of Bagram to Afghans


US forces are said to have transferred control of Bagram Air Base, the main headquarters for US air operations in Afghanistan, to Afghan forces in about three weeks.

Agence-France Presse reported on June 1 that the US military would hand over the base to the Afghan government in about 20 days. Bagram is the largest facility in the country and has hosted tens of thousands of troops.

Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby, when asked about the report during a June 1 briefing, said “clearly” that the base will be returned as part of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but added that “I will not speculate on the timing “for operational security reasons.

U.S. Central Command reported on June 1 that U.S. forces had completed between 30 and 44 percent of all demotion from Afghanistan, flying around 300 loads of C-17s from the country and handing over around 13 000 pieces of equipment to the Defense Logistics Agency for destruction.

Bagram would be the latest in a series of major bases handed over to Afghan forces, including Kandahar Airfield, which was also a key location for US Air Force operations.

President Joe Biden announced in April that US forces, along with US contractors and allied NATO forces, would leave Afghanistan completely by September 11, 2021. After the withdrawal, US planes will continue. their counterterrorism strikes in the country from outside its borders. , and the Pentagon is looking for ways to continue the mission of training, advice and remote assistance.

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