VA Campus Crane Over 3 Times Taller Than JC’s Tallest Building, Delivers Heavy Loads for $70 Million Investment | WJHL

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Residents and visitors to Johnson City may have noticed a new addition on the horizon in recent days as a massive crane towers over the campus of the James H. Quillen Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Medical Center.

The structure, which can be spotted from I-26 at Main Street, plays a vital role in ongoing construction in the area. According to VA Public Affairs Officer Josh Higgins, a brand new parking addition is underway to provide spaces for staff and patients who use the complex.

The machine currently dwarfs the structure it is working on, with intricate wooden foundations below and swinging cables above. Photos from the construction site show that it is from Superior Cranes, Inc. and is stacked with counterweights. Heavy lifting will be used to add two more levels and an elevator to the current structure as well as a walkway from the garage to Building 160.

The project is slated for completion in June 2022, so you can expect to see the spiers over the next few months. The crane itself is rather unique, currently standing 405 feet tall. For perspective, it’s about 284 feet, or 3.3 times higher than the John Sevier Center, Tallest structure in downtown Johnson City. Higgins said the machine is the 8th largest in the United States and plans to tack an additional 144 feet before the project is complete.

For construction enthusiasts and taxpayers, this structure represents a rare – and expensive – sight in the Tri-Cities. Higgins said equipment contributes to more than $70 million invested on campus, with some areas of renovations listed below:

  • Infrastructure and land;
  • Building 34 (Clock Tower);
  • Building 20;
  • historic chapel;
  • Building 200 (Main Hospital) Ground floor;
  • Building 200 Emergency Department;
  • Building 160 (Mental Health) 4th floor.

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