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So Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, much to the chagrin of stressed boyfriends preparing for perhaps the most pressured Thursday of the year – yes, worse than the performance review.

More than one Singaporean has nightmares of spending hundreds of dollars on a bouquet of flowers that cost 10 times more than it should and a meal at a fancy restaurant where he makes every conceivable faux pas, only to have her date complains that it just wasn’t romantic enough.

If you’re determined to show your date a good time on February 14 without having to plan your next date 6 months later as you struggle to replenish your savings, you’ll need to be very selective about what you choose to do. Here are some portfolio-friendly suggestions.

Valentine’s Day 2022 – 9 date ideas in Singapore under $90 per couple

Valentine’s Day activity Cost per couple
Artistic jamming at the boulevard $70
Ice skating at the rink $48
DIY picnic Up to $50
Cafe hopping in Keong Saik $50 to $70
Changi Jewel Mirror Maze $27
Dinner at the beach $50 to $70
Movie Date at Cathay Platinum Movie Suites $76
pottery workshop $56
Gin Distillery Tour and Tasting $90

Artistic jamming at Boulevart ($70)

Remember how much fun you had with paint in school? Now you can do it as an adult with your partner in an artistic jamming session (yeah, that’s a thing now).

Unlike art classes, which are more serious and technique-focused, art jamming sessions are just for you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Most places have all the art materials provided, so you and your partner just need to show up, preferably in old clothes you don’t mind ruining.

Cost: The cheapest place we found is Boulevard to City Gate which charges $35/person for two and a half hours with all materials included. Other places you can also consider include artery ($39.50/person for three hours) and Artify Studio ($38/person for two and a half hours).

Ice skating at The Rink ($48)

Invite your date to go for a run or hit the gym on Valentine’s Day, and unless you’re dating Mr. Ironman or Mrs. Ironwoman, don’t be surprised if your suggestion doesn’t elicit any enthusiasm.

Ice skating, on the other hand, is romance disguised as a sport, especially if your date sucks because, as any shy high schooler knows, it gives you the perfect excuse to offer, ahem, a helping hand. .

Cost: $18 per adult for two hours at The rink. Skate boot rental is $4 per person and glove rental is $2 per person, which is $48 for a couple.

Picnic (under $50)

There are few things that can leave your date more awestruck than a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline as you clink your wine glasses and toast. But that doesn’t mean you have to be bored and pay for expensive cocktails at 1-Altitude or Ce La Vie.

There are a ton of free picnic spots in Singapore. As long as it’s not raining, all you need to do is:

  • Picnic mat or groundsheet ($2 at Daiso)
  • A bottle of wine from Wine Connection or the supermarket (budget ~30$)
  • A few bites from the deli section of Cold Storage (budget ~$10 to $15)

My favorite is the lush green lawn by the sea at Marina Barrage. No, you are not actually climbing the Barrage. Head to the outdoor parking lot instead and walk towards the yellow barricades. You will see lots of people sitting on the grass beyond the barriers. Yeah, this is the place!

Cost: It depends on how fancy you want your picnic to be. You can get a nice spread for two for well under $50.

Cafe hopping in Keong Saik ($50 to $70)

What if your loved one is the kind of person who loves nothing more than strutting from hipster cafe to hipster cafe, sipping white fare and staring at you across stylish tables vintage?

You’re heading towards the Duxton area, of course. Just take the day off and head to Keong Saik Road, Spottiswoode Park Road and Everton Park – loads of IG-worthy cafes to choose from here.

Along with the novelty of feeling abroad and the thrill of having to watch out for bag thieves, you also benefit from lower hotel prices if you decide to embark on a vacation.

Cost: If you visit cafes, $50 should cover you both.

Changi Jewel Mirror Maze ($27)

On Valentine’s Day, every mall is going to be filled with couples whispering soft bullshit to each other, spending four-figure sums on dinners at celebrity chef restaurants. But you don’t have to to enjoy V’day with your pressure.

Consider visiting the Changi Jewel Mirror Maze (in Canopy Park, Level 5) which operates until 8 p.m. daily. Admission is $13.50 for adult Singaporeans and there are plenty of lights and mirrors to take a few wefies with. Plus, it’s basically an endless paradise for the perfect TikTok #fyp video.

Cost: $13.50 per adult (Singaporean), ticket includes entry to Canopy Park, Discovery Slides, Topiary Walk, Foggy Bowls and Petal Garden.

Dinner at the beach ($50 to $70)

If you want to have a romantic restaurant meal in a beautiful setting, be prepared to beg your boss for a cash advance, as Valentine’s Day menus are incredibly expensive with prices starting at $148 and $168+ + per person for a three-course dinner without drinks this year.

However, we understand that the vibe of Subway or Seoul Garden won’t exactly make your date night. So, as a compromise, consider taking your date to one of the more low-key beaches. (Think Pasir Ris Park or Changi rather than Tanjong Beach…)

There are also a few casual but enjoyable dining options here, such as Georges at Pasir Ris Park and The Seagrill at Changi Beach. They’re not exactly cheap, but still much cheaper than a meal on a Valentine’s Day menu at Dempsey, which starts from $200/person.

If you have a tent or a laptop with some good movies, bring them, as these little touches can really add to the atmosphere. Don’t forget to bring plenty of insect repellent.

Cost: Refer to the menus for an estimate. Don’t forget to come armed with a good credit card for dining too much.

Movie Date at Cathay Platinum Movie Suites ($76)

So maybe you’re both dying to see a new movie, but Ah Girls Go Army’s current lineup is so damn good.

Well, upgrade the experience to a premium date at Cathay Cineplexes Platinum Theaters and your date gets first-class treatment at a price that really isn’t too expensive.

You get huge, comfy seats in a fancy frame (no idiots kicking your seat from behind) that can recline far enough that you can pretend you’re on a business class flight. It’s like watching a movie in the private living room of a very wealthy friend. Book ahead to avoid having to compete with all the other couples in Singapore.

Cost: $38 per ticket

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Pottery Class ($56.29)

Looking for a more meaningful Valentine’s Day date idea than an overpriced dinner followed by Ah Girls Go Army? Try a couple pottery session if you haven’t. While most pottery classes start from $80/person, this Taoz Ceramic Klook deal cuts the price in half, so you get a two-person session for $56.29.

The pottery workshop is quite simple and includes a very quick kneading and throwing session followed by a guided molding and shaping session. You will only be able to choose one of the “pattern” designs (mugs or bowls) – so there is no freedom or leeway for creativity.

Other than that, the instructor will ask for your phone so he can take plenty of videos and photos of you in action. When you’re done, you’ll need to leave your final product to them. Taoz Ceramic will draw it for you and text you about two months later to come back for coloring or collection. It’s a super long wait time but, hey, it guarantees you at least another date.

Cost: $56.29 per couple

Gin Distillery Tour and Tasting ($90)

Here’s an alternative to not getting lost in your favorite atas bar: visit a real gin distillery and learn how to make your own cocktails instead.

For this V-day, direction Tanglin Gin Distillery for their distillery tour, gin and cocktail tasting. You and your date can take a look at the gin ingredients, come away with more credibility, and maybe a little tipsy too.

Not only does the activity sound fun, but it can also help you save money if you learn how to make and enjoy cocktails at home.

Cost: $45 per person including gin and cocktails

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