Veteran Voices To Be Featured In Concert Premiere Of “Bomb Squad Rhapsody” And “A Severed Chord”

On September 23, 2022, St. Ann’s Church in West Palm Beach, Florida will see the concert premiere of two new operas “Bomb Squad Rhapsody” and “A Severed Chord”.

Inspired by the experiences of military veterans and their families, the event is produced by Lexye Aversa and music directed by Gregory Ritchey, and honors the work of Team Gray, a county nonprofit that works to prevent the suicide among veterans and those with PTSD.

The first work, “Bomb Squad Rhapsody”, is composed by Jane K and written by librettist Germaine Shames. This one-act solo work will feature mezzo-soprano Madison Marie McIntosh as Claire. The second work, “A Severed Chord”, is composed by Amy Scurria to a libretto by Broadway veteran Jeff Shankley. The cast of unnamed characters includes McIntosh as a young woman, soprano Kelly Balmaceda as the warrior’s mother and young daughter, soprano Christine Alfaro as a psychiatrist, tenor David Santiago as a young warrior, and baritone Kaleb Coicou as an older warrior.

The event will also include music like “The Heroes of Freedom” by Garret Brown and Armando Mayson, which was recently premiered as part of Gray Team’s Voices of the Valiant, a collaborative effort between the military community of Gray Team and McIntosh to create music that gives voice to the experiences and feelings of our veterans.

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