Veterans whose remains have not been claimed are honored at funerals

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) — Thirteen veterans who died in recent years but whose remains were never claimed were honored at a funeral service in northern Louisiana, as a crowd of people who do not didn’t know but who wanted to pay homage to them. look at.

Most of the 13 veterans served in Vietnam while one fought in the Gulf War, the Caddo Parish Coroner’s Office said in a news release. They were between 60 and 72 years old at the time of their death.

The service was the result of the work of Caddo Parish Death Investigator Katrina Wright, who was asked by a local hospital nurse to help locate the family of a deceased veteran who had no no family to claim it. After a series of calls that yielded no resolution, the veteran’s remains went to the coroner’s office. This left Wright angry.

“I didn’t understand how this could happen to people who fought for this country,” she said in the press release.

Eventually, Wright and Christina Currington of the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs began searching for other veterans whose remains had not been claimed. They tracked down the discharge papers and tried to trace the family members in an effort to determine if they qualified for a military burial.

They started with 21 veterans in all. A family has claimed one of the veterans and the women are still looking for seven more.

Local TV station KTBS reported that honor guards from the four branches of the military in which the veterans served were on hand for the funeral service; they gave flags to representatives of veterans’ organizations in the area in memory of veterans. The director of the cemetery thanked those who came to pay their respects.

“I want to thank the Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas area for being family to these warriors, for not allowing them to be buried alone, and for giving them the honor they are due. “, said Don Howard, according to the television network.

The veterans who were buried were: Army PV1 Mark Vincent Fox, who died October 5, 2012; Army Sergeant. 1st Class Ernest Roy Dill, died May 26, 2018; Army Sergeant. Perry Jenkins Jr., died May 28, 2019; Army specification. 4, Phillip Gregory Vogelman, died February 10, 2019; Army PV2 Charles Emmett Whittington II, died January 16, 2017; Army PFC Clifton Williams, who died June 23, 2014; Air Force Airman 1st Class Terrance Keith Hunt, who died Jan. 18, 2016; Marine Corps PFC Frances Marion Neely, died February 10, 2015; Navy Seaman James Edward Rountree, who died August 5, 2016; Navy Seaman Recruit Harvey Lee Ramsey, who died November 19, 2014; Navy Seaman Recruit Johnnie Ferrell Watkins, died March 3, 2016; and Navy Seaman Recruit/Army PV1 Edward Troy Rash Jr., who died June 6, 2017.

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