What’s new in COVID vaccines: Department of Veterans Affairs reports 0 COVID deaths for first time since March 2020



New York (WABC) – There is new and encouraging information this morning in the fight against the pandemic.

The Department of Veterans Affairs reported that for the first time in more than a year, there had been no COVID deaths at medical centers.

The last day VA did not die from COVID was March 18, 2020.

Since then, more than 12,000 Veterans Affairs patients have died from the virus.

The actions carried out under the aegis of the health secretary of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs have highlighted the impact of vaccines on the achievement of this progress.

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Puerto Rico ends pandemic curfew. COVID-19 testing requirements exempted for fully vaccinated visitors
Puerto Rico ended the curfew on Monday after more than a year of enforcement. Vaccinated visitors can enter the island Coronavirus test result is not negative.

The island has been under curfew since March 2020 when the first case of the coronavirus was reported, and even when the curfew has changed from time to time, it has remained almost between midnight and 5 a.m.

Unvaccinated visitors must either test negative for the coronavirus or promise to present the test results within 48 hours. The government will impose a fine of $ 300 on those who do not take the test.

However, in addition to accepting visitors who have been vaccinated, the government has announced that it will provide the Johnson & Johnson Corona virus vaccine to anyone arriving at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan starting Friday.

Moderna says highly effective vaccine for teens will seek FDA approval in June

Moderna Tuesday with COVID-19 vaccine Highly effective in protecting young adolescents There are no safety concerns regarding the coronavirus. According to a press release, this snapshot showed 100% effectiveness against symptomatic COVID in adolescence after two doses in a clinical trial.

In a woman’s struggle after exposing her parents to COVID: her mother survived, but her father died
Countless people around the world are struggling to let go of the burden that I feel responsible for the death of my loved one from COVID-19 .. They regret having traveled and are suffering from daily decisions that may have spread disease, hugging parents even picking up food.
Fully vaccinated COVID-19 cases still rare: CDC
U.S. health officials say cases of the coronavirus fully vaccinated people remain rare. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday released reports of these “groundbreaking” cases until the end of April, when 101 million Americans were fully immunized. Of these, about 10,300 paroxysmal infections have been reported. This represents about one infection per 10,000 fully vaccinated people, based on available data.

New York Department of Health revises camp mask guidelines
The New York Department of Health announced Monday that it had revised its guidelines for summer camp masks. They now say that unvaccinated children are encouraged, but that they don’t need to wear masks outside. Last week, the state said a mask is required for both indoor and outdoor campers.

New York flag stays at half mast until Memorial Day
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Sunday, May 30, half-masted a state government flag and blushed a state monument to honor a prominent worker who died from COVID-19. I asked him to light up white and blue. The flag stays at half mast until noon and the monument stays on Monday, May 31 for Memorial Day, celebrating the soldiers who fought and died to protect our country.

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What’s new in COVID vaccines: Department of Veterans Affairs reports 0 COVID deaths for first time since March 2020

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