WKU Named a Gold Military Friendly® School

WKU was named a Gold Military Friendly® School by Victory Media for the first time, increasing its ranking by three levels. Only 162 schools have been selected as a Gold institution. WKU has been proudly named a Military Friendly® School for the past 13 years and has been listed in the industry’s most comprehensive database for job training, education, and family resources.

Each year, WKU’s Office of Military Student Services conducts a merit survey that measures student success and evaluates WKU’s military-friendly programs and policies. Schools that earn the Military Friendly® School designation are then assessed using public data sources and Victoria Media survey responses. Once compiled, the information is verified and compared to other similar programs across the country. WKU has achieved this classification consecutively since 2009.

Director of Military Student Services Kent Johnson shared his thoughts on the award and what makes WKU a military-friendly institution. “Our connected military students often face a unique set of circumstances and challenges, such as being stationed all over the world, and we ensure that a support system is in place for these students. An important aspect of this support system is that it extends to all key components of the university, from administration to support staff and counsellors, and extends to faculty in our classrooms, both in person and online. We have a dedicated staff who understand the unique circumstances our military-affiliated students find themselves in and offer them personalized support. It lets students see that WKU understands them, values ​​them, and is ready to do whatever we can to set them up for success. This personalized and targeted support runs through their entire student life experience. It starts from the point of inquiry, follows them through their academic journey, and extends beyond graduation. To support them after graduation, we work to create and maintain networks and processes to improve student success in employment and career development after graduation. Our students know that we are always available for them.

Military Student Services strives to support connected military students and help them succeed at WKU. Johnson states, “From the policies adopted by the institution to prepare us for the military, the processes and people put in place to help students utilize their educational advantages and navigate unique circumstances such as military activations, the faculty that offers top-notch applied learning. experiences. We truly value our military-bound students and value the unique experiences they have had, which when brought to college adds quality, depth, and unique real-world experiences to course and classroom experience. Our military students are a diverse population and bring with them that diversity of lived experiences that adds quality to the WKU experience. We value them and want to do what we can to serve those who serve, as well as our military-related students who are family members of a serving person. They are all part of our military family connected to WKU. Wherever they are in the world or on their academic journey, we strive to meet them where they are and help them get to where they need to be. We are always ready and willing to help them with whatever they need.

WKU Military Student Services also provides assistance through the Troops Textbook Program, which helps military-related students receive textbooks necessary for their course of study free of charge. They also help with applications for federal tuition assistance and maintain a resource center for veterans.

WKU also offers unique services to its military students; a reduced tuition rate of $250 per credit hour for all active duty, reserve, and National Guard members. This offer is also available for graduate students.

Learn more about WKU’s veteran services, including how you can help support these students, at wku.edu/veterans.

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